During the ICYB there are a few traditions: They are listed below:

Booksellers International Book of the Year – BIBY
Since 1997, each year during Congress, the YoBos (Young Booksellers) choose the Booksellers International Book of the Year (BIBY). What kind of title should the BIBY be? It should be a fairly new book, i.e. it should have been published during the past five years. It should be translated into other languages, at least in two. And, most importantly, it should be a title which we love and which we like to sell. Also, we should think it to be a long selling title. The title that is going to be the winner aims to be a well-known prize in the booktrade. The publisher of the recent BIBY will also be informed. The titles on the shortlist are nominated by any YoBo

Election of Fellow Secretaries:
The participants YoBos elect the Fellow Secretaries during the last day of the Congress. Each country that participates at the Congress should have a Secretary. If there are many participants from one country, a vote decides who the Fellow Secretary will be. Fellow Secretaries represent everything a Young Bookseller stands for, as well as the country, which elected them.

A Fellow Secretary has to write a report on the Congress and send it to their national trade journal as soon as possible after the Congress. They should also send it to the ICYB President. A Fellow Secretary has to attend the Council Meeting at Frankfurt Bookfair to gain information on the next Congress. If they cannot attend the meeting, they should send a colleague on their behalf. A Fellow Secretary has to consider organizing a Congress in their own country. A Fellow Secretary has to advertise the Congress and arrange contacts with new delegates from their country. Also, a Secretary has to present a report on the booktrade in their country during the Congress as well as send information to the President concerning important changes in their booktrade. Preferably a Fellow Secretary should have access to E-mail.

YoBo is the Young Bookseller, the participant of the Congress.

Country Reports:
A Country Report is a Report of the Book market of a country in numbers! (It has to consist of: No. of inhabitants, illiteracy in %, no. of Bookstores, no. of publishers, no. of New Titles Published, VAT rate, Fixed Book Price, Market Share, Reading Habits of Population, Schools for Booksellers & Publishers, Promotion and Marketing for Books, Book Fairs, Booksellers Organization and any other information that has to do with the Book Market of a Country). Usually one Yobo per Country presents a Country Report.

Slide Show:
As a YoBo, it would be nice to present a photo or short film-presentation during the congress of the Bookstore that you are working for, explaining details of your store so that everybody gets an impression of your bookshop.

Daily Report:
The Daily report is written at the end of each day of the Congress, by a group of Yobos. They have to describe their experiences during the day, new ideas etc. These reports will be printed out, and given the next morning to everybody.

The fellow is a small book or a CD-rom or DVD, which is printed/produced after the end of the Congress, by the organizer. It consists of all the daily reports, of photographs of the Congress, Country Reports, Speeches etc. Usually, it must be ready during the Frankfurt Book fair, where the Fellow Secretaries’ meeting is held. It is sent to all the participants. Every year’s Congress must have copies of the Fellow of the previous year, so it can be given to the new Yobos.

Closing Banquet:
The Closing Banquet is the Dinner-Party that is held the last evening of the Congress. YoBos are usually dressed formally, so get your ties and little black dresses ready! During the Party, Yobos of every country should present something traditional from their Country together as a group (this can be: a song, a dance, a poem, food, or even being dressed traditionally! – it’s up to your imagination!)


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