About ICYB

ICYB explained:

ICYB stands for International Congress of Young Booksellers

It is the best and most inspiring congress for booksellers ever. It gives you inspiration, knowledges and a huge bookselling network. It is for young booksellers mainly up to 40 years of age. But it is suitable for every booksellers who wants to broaden his or her knowledge and wants to get inspired.

ICYB is a subdivision of the International Booksellers Federation (IBF), which was formed in the early 1950’s as a response to a UNESCO call for initiatives to encourage the free international exchange of ideas through books.

This annual conference, held in a different country each year, gathers enthusiastic and dedicated booksellers from many countries. While the purpose of the Congress is to provide training in a specific issue, it also acts as a forum for young booksellers from a variety of backgrounds to share experiences of their trade and establish invaluable international contacts for both professional and personal development. Another function of the ICYB is to collect and disseminate material on training, exchange programmes, and trade organizations.

Each year the Booksellers International Book of the Year (the BIBY) is chosen. The annual ICYB journal, The Fellow, which essentially consists of daily reports written by participants during the week of Congress, is mailed out to our database in October.

The ICYB has an executive consisting of present, past, and future Subject-Secretaries (the Presidents) and Congress organizers, and an elected council of country representatives, the Fellow Secretaries. The executive meets with the IBF, and has its own council meeting, at the Frankfurt Bookfair. On the Friday afternoon of the fair a reception is held in the International Booksellers Centre, to which all, especially our sponsors and supporters, are warmly invited.


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